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Evergreen Care Trust

Mission Statement

To promote healthy ageing and attitudes towards older people recognising that they are amongst our nation’s greatest resources. Seeking relevant ways to honour old age and if and when needed to serve by advocating, friendship and practical support.



Honour - treating everyone with dignity and respect

Excellence - striving to achieve highest standards

Attitudes - promoting positive values

Living - supporting independence

Together - working in partnership

Holistic - encouraging whole person well-being

Youthfulness - advocating fruitfulness into old age

Evergreen Core Values

Respect - We believe in the inestimable value of every human being, without reservation.

Justice - We aspire to exercise the Kingdom principles of truth, justice and equity.

Service - We seek to nurture a care culture of service throughout the organisation and into the wider community.

Training - We place great emphasis on training, equipping and supporting all members of the Evergreen team.

Partnership - We highly esteem unity, partnerships and working together to make a difference.

Quality - We aspire to excellence without excess.

Generosity - We share a tenth of our income with local partners supporting the same client group providing services of excellence that we do not provide.

Stewardship - Sound management of all funds and resources received.  We do not receive Government or Lottery funding.


Louise Marsh, the founder, who worked within the Older Persons Team in Stamford Social Services and a formerly registered nurse specialised in gerontology and geriatrics, established the Evergreen Care Trust Stamford, Lincolnshire in May 2005.  Working with a group of volunteers from across the local churches, a grass-roots initiative was formed responding to identified needs of adults experiencing periods of vulnerability in their lives which did not fall within the remit of statutory health and social care agencies.

The Trust has developed services appropriate to need; some are voluntary projects and other services are paid for by clients/members.  Where there is singleness of purpose, the Trust works with statutory health and social care agencies and other local charities and projects serving the same client group.  The Trust continues to respond to the changing needs of adults experiencing periods of vulnerability in our community developing new services and projects accordingly.

The Trust is not about charity and doing things for ageing and vulnerable people, but rather we encourage and enable people to take responsibility, to do and be themselves, and support them in achieving this.  We endeavour to maintain the highest levels of integrity, security and confidentiality in all our dealings with people.

Early January 2007 saw the gathering of local dignitaries, church and community leaders together with existing Evergreen staff, volunteers and clients to celebrate and consecrate the work of the Trust in Stamford.  The Bishop of Grantham prayed a blessing over the work and those involved.  Also for the future vision to continue responding to local needs and to share this working model across the nation.

In October of that year the Evergreen Care Trust received charitable status (Registered No. 1121423) for its work and also as a grant giving organisation, making gifts to local charities and projects serving the same client group. In December 2014 the Trust converted from a Charity governed by trust deed to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation with Charity Commission (Registered No. 1158271).

In 2011 the Evergreen Care model was replicated in Sleaford, Lincolnshire and since then has also been replicated in the London Borough of Bexley.  Other communities have expressed serious interest in establishing the church-led care model in their communities.  More information about the Evergreen Care licence is available on the following LINK.

The Trust is committed to exercising the teachings and values of Jesus in all areas of finance, service and relationships with partners, friends, staff, volunteers, clients and the wider community.  It is totally inclusive and also committed to equal opportunity and respect for diversity.

Application is not made for Government or Lottery funding, therefore, in faith, the work is financed and resourced by generous public donation, church, business and community group support.