They that trust in the Lord..are like a tree…leaves will be green..no anxiety in drought… nor cease to yield fruit.  Jer. 17:7,8


Welcome to the Evergreen Care Trust. It is hoped that as you read the following pages, you will understand the Evergreen vision, the call to this work, the founding directives and the values and ethos that influence and drive all that we do. It is important that you

understand that Evergreen seeks to reflect the indiscriminate love

and care of our creator and redeeming God to all humanity, through our serving.


This is relevant for those who believe and those who may not, yet all who catch the vision and want to come on board with us, in serving local older and vulnerable people in meaningful and practical ways.

We have endeavoured to offer clarity in our new Licence documentation on

1) what are non-negotiable founding directives, our ethos and values which Licensees will be expected to practice as a member of the Federation of Evergreens and


2) guidance and tips on how you might exercise wise and best practice, encouraging you to respond appropriately to the needs within the unique community in which you live and serve.


Much of what we do is aspirational, always learning, particularly from mistakes, but as much as is possible, we seek to provide safe, workable frameworks with clear vision and purpose, sound practices and processes employed, to reach our objectives. As an

Evergreen Federation member you will be constantly invited to contribute to shared learning and experience, peer review, audit and networking across the Federation so that each Evergreen community can grow by learning from each other and positively influence the care provision in its locality.

There will be shared, recommended standards and practice in order to ensure uniform, best practice across all Evergreen activities and Licenced cells.


Churches & Community Groups



Schools &


Health & Social Care Colleagues



The existence and experience of the Evergreen Care Trust is quite unique in that it was birthed in faith that God, whose heart is for the widow, for the oppressed and poor, is faithful in responding to their plight. It is our privilege to be co-workers with Him as instruments of grace with each other. 

In our journeying with our fellow humankind, we are invited to be His hands, feet, arms, and mouthpiece, ready and willing to serve those who may have need in our street and neighbourhood. Evergreen seeks to be a real and tangible demonstration of God’s love anywhere and everywhere.


There has not been a time in the history of the Trust where we have had the people, resources, and finances to do the job up front!  However, as we have responded to need and stepped out to do what is right in whatever ways we can, we can testify to God’s faithful raising up of provision, necessary for the task.  


In January 2007, two years after Evergreen’s establishment, the Trust was consecrated at a public meeting in Stamford Lincolnshire.  This was led by the Bishop of Grantham, who was joined by church leaders, statutory agency representatives, civic dignitaries together with Evergreen staff, volunteers, and members.  Consecration means to set apart for God’s purposes; for this reason, the bedrock of the Evergreen Care Trust is the person and teachings of Jesus Christ and the forward move of His Kingdom of love and grace, in human hearts.


The Evergreen Care Trust vision became a humble reality through the preparedness of ordinary lay people across the churches in Stamford to work together to make a difference in the lives of our older and vulnerable neighbours.  What began as a small, seemingly insignificant, effort to meet practical needs has now grown into an organisation that represents the local Church and wider community in action in our town.  

We trust that as you continue to read you will be inspired and encouraged to step out in faith in the One whose promises are faithful.  Open your eyes to the needs all around, that are everywhere, and respond in whatever ways you can with love and grace.  

In agreeing to the Evergreen Care Trust licence, you will need to understand and accept the directives and values of the organisation, in their entirety.  


This is a ministry that firstly, embraces God’s heart and the teachings of Jesus, including the working together of His Body. Evergreen provides a ‘vehicle’ for churches to work together, serving local needs, without any other agenda.  Secondly, engages with its local community, statutory and other agencies and the unchurched without reserve, for the sake of His Kingdom.  To this end it is vital that the model be followed closely without compromise or secularisation.