Wellbeing and morale

Everyones wellbeing matters, thats where these ideas can help for those moments where you need support or ideas how to have a moment alone:

  • Staff buddy system Staff buddy systems are a great way to make sure staff have someone to check in with and ask for help if they need it. Buddies can also help to remind each other to follow IPC measures 'in the moment'. Small buddy groups can be used to cover different working patterns.

  • Create a virtual hug To replace real hugs, while social distancing measures are in place, consider creating a team or organisation 'virtual hug' to show support for each other in challenging or stressful times. One example of this is the distanced 'fist bump' in Disney's Big Hero 6 film.

  • Message support boards A message board, for staff to leave each other comments, or notes of support, can provide a good channel for teams to communicate across different shifts and working patterns. Consider making this virtual. A good example of this is the @allontheboard Twitter channel for London Underground.

  • Wobble rooms Consider dedicating a room or space as a staff ‘wobble room’, a safe space to go and take a minute if staff become overwhelmed. This space could include messages to help people in the moment, for example, a poster outlining breathing techniques. Vicky Bradshaw at Cygnet Healthcare wrote about looking after care colleagues, including those experiencing trauma, in this blog:

  • Create team WhatsApp groups Team WhatsApp groups are a great way to create an informal channel for staff to communicate, and check in with each other, and provide support if needed.

  • Safety words Safety words are already used in some healthcare environments, such as surgical theatres. A similar concept could be applied to IPC measures. A nominated word, usually unrelated to the environment, such as 'pineapple' can be used to remind everyone to stop and check their PPE and surroundings for compliance.

  • Daily Dose toolkits Pulling together a suite of images/videos/animation of feel-good messages to share with staff (through WhatsApp, intranet, bulletins etc) can help to improve morale and wellbeing.

  • Mindfulness moments Taking a moment to check in at the beginning of every shift can help to set the mood and morale of staff. A mindful moment can include a few minutes at handover for each shift where positive messages and support are shared.

  • Team breaks Creating an online ‘room’ that is always open, can help people to chat in a socially distanced way and feel more supported during their breaks.

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