Volunteering and mental health

Volunteering has been positively linked to mental health and has the following benefits:

Helping others feels good

Being kind helps increase your feelings of well-being and promotes feelings of happiness.

Helping others creates a support network and encourages you to be more active, which boosts your self-esteem. This leads to you feeling good about what you are doing and who you are.

It creates a sense of belonging and reduces isolation

Helping others is a great way to meet like-minded people, create relationships, and helps develop your social skills. For example, if you volunteer in organisation that you believe in and you can connect with the people there, this can provide a sense of belonging as you feel part of the team for an organisation that you believe in.

There are many volunteering roles that off face-to-face interaction, which allows people the opportunity to engage with people and prevent that sense of loneliness that mainly people older volunteers can feel.

77% said volunteering had improved their mental health, with just over half (53%) saying it had improved their physical health.

It changes your perspective

If a person is feeling depressed, volunteering allows the individual the opportunity to change their perspective. However, it is difficult to do this, but the more involved in volunteering someone can be, it can help them see their sense of worth and a view they hadn't seen before. By interacting with others you get to see how other people live, and what their views are and it creates a connection with people that can help change that foggy feeling of depression people can experience.

Raise in self-esteem

Volunteering has been linked to improving self-esteem because volunteering allows people the opportunity to learn new skills, improve on existing ones, and create a sense of belonging in a positive environment. All of this helps people with their confidence.

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