The importance of volunteers

Volunteering is good for your career and health

Have you ever considered volunteering?

Volunteering can be very rewarding and challenging. It offers people the chance to help make a difference to others around them, by supporting a charity or helping their local community.

For volunteers, there is an opportunity to learn a skill or build on an existing one, gain experience, and helps to improve their confidence. By having these new opportunities, a volunteer can go on to advance their career as the skills they have learnt can be transferable and they can gain useful experience to progress in their roles.

Volunteering provides many benefits, both for physical and mental health. Volunteering can help with mental health, as by helping others and creating meaningful connections, this can reduce stress and anxiety in people.

The physical benefit of volunteering is that it encourages people to walk more and do more activities that increase their movements more than normally do, such as handing out flyers and washing cars for a fundraiser. All of these activities get the heart rate up and is good health benefit.

The Evergreen Care Trust in Stamford, offers a range of volunteer opportunities for those who are looking for a challenge and would enjoy working with our aging members. With many opportunities to choose from, such as administrative support, recruitment expert, social media gurus, fundraising experts, event assistants; there is something for everyone.

Volunteering at Evergreen is great way to give back to the local community and even make some friends in the process. If this sounds like something you would be interested in visit our website or email Su at to find out more.

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