Staying active in your 50s

Exercise a great way to keep energy levels up and even possibly reduce some of the symptoms associated with aging. Exercise is good for your brain and emotional state as well as your body.

Tips for getting fit after 50:

1. Find an exercise you love doing.

2. Don't push yourself too hard when you start exercising.

3. Have fun exercising with your friends and family.

4. Make time for exercise.

Exercise ideas to try:

Walking is a great way to keep fit as its free to do and you can do it anywhere. Are you looking for a walking activity to try have a look at one of these:

Walking football - The is great idea for those who like football but may have injuries, or health issues this can be perfect for them to try. Visit here to find a local team.

Walking basketball - Basket ball is a great way to keep fit and its fun. Want to feel like part of a team visit here to find out more.

Orienteering - Do you have good navigational skills ? This might be the activity for you, with just a map and a compass explore the UK.

Walking rugby - Rugby is a team activity for all ages and its a fun sport to try. It's non-contact, and you must release the ball within three seconds.

Walking a dog - Even if you do or don't have a dog its a good way to keep activity but with a little friend. There are places were you can lend a dog for the day or helping someone who is poorly with theres.

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