Soup Service Hits The Road Again

The Evergreen Care Trust once again kick starts it's free of charge soup service. In partnership with Second Helpings and the Stamford Free Church we are delivering soup to up to 20 people per day.

Home made soup is on the menu, plus a fresh bread roll, home make cake and a piece of fruit. All prepared by the crew at Second Helpings then taken over to the Stamford Free Church who are acting as the distribution hub.

Our Evergreen volunteers then portion out the soup and fruit etc. and a team of Evergreen delivery volunteers then go out into our community delivering this lunchtime nutritious and hot meal.

Wonderful way for folk to stay in touch. This is obviously only a doorstep service but still it's a chance for a quick chat and to catch up on how things are.

The project is scheduled to run through the rather grey and cold months of February, March and April but then again who knows....


Thank you to all involved and to the time and care dedicated in providing this vital service to our community

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