Research Project with Lincoln University co-joined with Birmingham and Brighton Universities

Updated: May 17, 2021

The Evergreen Care Trust was invited to be a Community partner in this project sponsored by the Wellcome Trust, which focused on the experiences of older people self-funding their care, the experiences of informal carers and family members supporting self-funders and the perspectives of stakeholders on self- funding.

The report focused on the ethical and moral dimensions of self-funded care by prioritising older people’s experiences of self-funding for the first time.

The findings highlighted that self-funders are the lynch pin to the social care system, yet their experience has been invisible. That social care challenges and tensions, like the myth of choice, are systemic and that Covid 19 has offered opportunities for greater collaboration but also exposed vital issues within the social care system.

Recommendations included, that a fundamental reform of social care is needed which acknowledges needs of self-funders, examines care costs, and improves care quality and access.

The need for better information for and about self-funders, and more accurate and holistic assessment of care and support needs for everyone regardless of their funding status.

Further research into the experiences of self-funders form marginalised communities is needed.

And of particular interest to the Evergreen Care Trust, is the rapidly changing ‘social care market’ and the implications for people in vulnerable situations trying to navigate and access quality care provision and care work force. Of special interest is the experience of the growing unregulated carer work force which the research recommended that their vital role be acknowledged in the development of a straightforward registration/screening system.

Evergreen Care was delighted to have had the opportunity to partner with Lincoln University in this research project and has as an organisation committed to ongoing research to ensure evidence based best practice and remaining relevant, responsive, and safe as a charity and social care provider.

For more information on the Research report: http://

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