Recycle Week 20-26th September

Updated: Apr 10

Recycle Week is in its 18th year of celebrating recycling across the nation.

The theme for this year is 'Step It Up this Recycle Week'. Recycle week is designed to put across simple but important messages about why recycling matters. Partners will have the opportunity to bust myths and demonstrate why recycling is beneficial – keeping waste in use, and out of our environment. Recycle week is UKs biggest annual recycling campaign.

Why is recycling important?

  • Helps in keeping the environment clean

  • Reduces the amount of waste produced

  • Helps in the conservation of many non-renewable resources

  • Saves energy and thus helps in avoiding energy crisis

  • Prevents landfills and incinerators from getting extremely overloaded

  • Saves and protects the economy of a household

  • Helps in creating new job opportunities

  • Restrains the hunt for raw materials

Here are some activities for kids that help them understand the importance of recycling:

  1. Build a robot with left over cardboard boxes and yogurt containers!

  2. Play a game that teaches recycling

  3. Make a bird feeder out of recycling materials

  4. Make recycling bins for home.

  5. Try online games about recycling

  6. Use recyclable containers for lunch

  7. Go on a recycling scavenger hunt

  8. Make DIY toys

  9. Building tents from newspapers.

  10. Make homemade puzzles

  11. Use string and old tins to make chimes

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