National day of Arts in care homes

During Covid-19 we have seen and experienced the importance of art and creativity in care settings, and the beneficial outcomes for all the participants. We want to continue to shine a light on the importance of this work, which has been increasingly vital during the pandemic.

We are supporting the National Day of Arts in Care Homes, which takes place every year on 24 September.

We believe everyone is creative, and that taking part in arts and creative activities at any age can help support health and wellbeing, and enhance quality of life.By ‘arts’ we mean anything that is creative or cultural including music (e.g. singing, percussion, playing an instrument), dance, drama, visual arts (e.g. painting, drawing, photography), crafts, digital arts, poetry, creative writing and baking.

Some ideas you can do to get involved:

  1. Encourage people to doodle.

  2. Have an impromptu Friday dance session.

  3. Make tea-time a special sensory treat.

  4. Go to your local park or garden and draw what you see.

  5. Gather a selection of seasonal flowers and greenery, the more variety the better. Bring the outside in. Enjoy the sensory sensations – the smell, look and touch of the plants.

  6. Pile up the flowers and foliage on a long table and encourage people to start making small posies or flower arrangements.

  7. Load up a trolley with an assortment of interesting items: nature related sensory objects – herbs, flowers, pumpkins, lavender bags, seed packets or reminiscence related objects – old jewellery, postcards books, records and toys. Take the time to sit with them and give them your full attention, looking at different objects, smelling and touching them together.

  8. Have a cake decorating session.

  9. Get some blank postcards. Write ‘I wish’ on each one. On the other side use coloured pencils, felt tips, collaged bits of coloured paper etc to illustrate the wish in whatever way people want to.

  10. Ask a few residents that have good craft skills like knitting, crochet or embroidery if they would be prepared to share their knowledge.

  11. Set up a Film Club. Get the community of the home to vote for their top ten favourite films and have monthly screenings. Organise related activities such as red carpet events and sing-a-long screenings. Have film festivals on specific themes. Don’t forget the popcorn!

Download the pack to explore fun ideas to try:

Download PDF • 896KB

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