Local residents pull together

The response from local residents to the Corona Virus outbreak has been outstanding with over 120 people coming forward to offer their services from all areas ~ Stamford, Bourne, The Deepings and the surrounding villages.  Evergreen Care were privileged to be able to co-ordinate the volunteers with jobs that needed to be done and that flooded into our office day in and day out.  Requests for help with shopping for those isolating, vital &/or emergency prescription runs and telephone befriending where we would try and keep morale and spirits lifted through this very strange time.  We were given over 200 food parcels which our front line staff and volunteers took out to our members as vital supplies but then also as a treat to make sure they know although they might not be seen they were very much not forgotten.

We even managed to organise a foster home for an old dog but I think the highlight of the whole experience was an 8 year’s old birthday.  The volunteer, we had placed with the family, once he had heard of the plight of “no party and no cake” offered an outside, socially distanced magic act, we gave her one of the cuddly toys that had been donated to the Evergreen and we even got hold of a home made cake in the shape of an eight.  Just hearing that young girl laugh the entire afternoon whilst cuddling her Polar Bear was all the reward we needed for giving up a couple hours over a weekend.

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