Drinking enough fluid each day is vital for the body to carry out essential processes. Signs of being dehydrated include tiredness, headaches and feeling confused as well as having a dry, sticky mouth.

Residents should drink at least 6-8 glasses of fluid each day, and more if they’re suffering an illness or infection. These fluids can be in the form of water, squash, fruit juice, fizzy drinks, tea and coffee. Adding frozen concentrate to glasses of squash prevents further dilution and may help people to drink more.

People anxious about incontinence are often at higher risk of dehydration and urinary infections, so making fluids always readily available is essential. As well as drinks, fluids in soup, breakfast cereal, ice lollies, fruit, vegetables and other food also count. Offering fruit and vegetables every day therefore not only helps ensure residents consume their recommended five portions a day, but also contributes to overall fluid intake.

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