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Updated: Jul 5

Roland and Sarah are raising money for The Evergreen Care Trust

Roland's story:

Ever since coming to Stamford in 2016 I have been amazed at how blessed Stamford is to have a local charity focused on the needs of local residents. Set up in 2015 the charity offers services that are designed to promote wellbeing in ageing community and assist people in staying ‘connected to others’ and helps avoid loneliness.

This is a Jubilee Year so 70 seems to be a special number. It is also the number of volunteers Evergreen has on its much-valued Befriending Service and I happen to be 70 this year. Having 70 volunteers takes some organising in recruiting them, supporting them, and matching them with Befriendees. So this year I am asking you to join me in raising funds to help support this great service either by doing a sponsored event or sponsoring those who are taking part in sponsored events.

Putting 70 +70+70 gives you 210, so I am planning this year to go the extra miles and cycle 210 miles . Sarah Blackmore is planning to do 70 miles but by a combination of running and cycling events. What could you do as an event; sponsored walking, cycling, swimming?

To give you some back ground information, in 2017 I had a life changing operation on my pituitary gland which stopped my body producing adrenalin.

Thanks to Addenbrooke’s Hospital support I am now on life time medication which enables me to carry on a normal life. To start off with I thought my cycling days were over but, with the help of getting an ebike, I have been able to regain the joys of cycling through South Kesteven and Rutland. In 2019 I the support of a keen cyclist, and Evergreen supporter, Keith Busfield. He helped me to build up my stamina and push through the 20 mile, then the 30 mile, and finally the 40 mile barrier. Though 40 miles is about as far as legs, ebike and medication can get me, and certainly not on consecutive days. We must have looked an incongruous pair as Keith on a road bike, dressed in the lycra and fit for a 70 mile ride, was followed by myself on an ebike with 20 inch wheels and dressed in t-shirt and shorts. However in 2019 I did manage 200 miles in 7 days and raise over £1000 for a charity event run by Keith.

In 2022 I hope to go the extra mile for Evergreen and beat the £1000 target set in 2019

We would really appreciate any donations, to help reach the target of £1,000:


Sarah Blackmore is raising money for The Evergreen Care Trust

Sarah's story:

Hi there

I have lived in Stamford since 2000 and have admired Evergreen care trust for many years. It is the imaginative way that it supports people that so impresses me. I have had many long chats with Louise the founder, and every time I am amazed at the provision for our elderly citizens.

I retired last year and joined the U3a. My first stop was the cycling group. We do 20 miles in a morning. 10 miles out of Stamford, and then return. It is wonderful seeing the stunning countryside at all times of year!

I am delighted to combine cycling with the U3a and supporting Evergreen Care Trust.

I aim to cycle or run 70 miles within a week.

We would really appreciate any donations, not matter how much as every penny helps:

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