Evergreen Care Trust Achieved Approved Provider Standard (APS)

The Evergreen Care Trust, Stamford & District have been awarded the Approved Provider Standard by the National Council for Voluntary Organisation for our Befriending Project. Which is an outstanding achievement at the best of times but during the Covid pandemic it is only an even greater accolade to our voluntary Befriending Lead Team to have seen this through to fruition.

The Trust had to provide over 100 documents which were accessed to ensure we met the 10 requirements over the set 4 key areas. There were also 6 interviews to ensure that we met the very stringent criteria to be awarded the Standard. Thank you to all our Befriending Lead volunteers who head up the project and further each existing Befriending match and who also drive the project forward in creating new matches and supporting those members who are still awaiting an Evergreen Befriender.

An amazing voluntary service lead and supported by wonderful people. Thank you to everyone involved in our Befriending Project.

If anyone is interested in becoming a Befriender either face to face or telephone befriending then please get in touch with the office who can send in the first instance the relevant application forms.

Approved Provider Standard NCVO
Evergreen Care Trust Approved Provider Standard NCVO

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