Evergreen and volunteering

Who we are

Evergreen Care Trust is a charity that has developed services, both voluntary and paid services for our ageing members depending on their needs. Our services are designed to promote wellbeing in ageing community and assist people in staying ‘connected to others’ and helps avoid loneliness.

What we do

As a charity, we not only support those ageing and vulnerable people, but rather we encourage and enable people to take responsibility in their own care and feel empowered in doing daily activities.

How our volunteers help us

Our volunteers at Evergreen are an amazing group of individuals, who support not just us but the local community of Stamford and Bourne area. What are volunteers do for us is that provide us with support, manage local activities, befriend the ageing and so much more.

They are the lifeline of Evergreen and the work they do with us is crucial in helping our members.


Listen to and interview with Su Fletcher (Volunteer Service Team Lead) and Donna Townsend (volunteer) talking about whats its like to volunteer and what is gained from volunteering.

Current volunteer opportunity

The Evergreen Care Trust offers a range of volunteer opportunities, for those who enjoy working with and serving our member group. There is something for everyone, we are looking for people to help with:

  • Recruitment expert volunteers

  • Administrative Support volunteers

  • Social media / marketing volunteers

  • Clean team Volunteers

  • Event expert volunteers

To apply for a position download both forms and send them completed to Su Fletcher office@evergreencare.org.uk or submit a form and someone will get in touch: https://bit.ly/3wGmjBz

Application Form Part 1
Application Form Part 2

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