Bounce Back Award 2020

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

The Evergreen Care Trust

Stamford & District

Is to be going from strength to strength


Last week we found out that we have been awarded the COVID-19 BOUNCE BACK AWARD 2020 as awarded at the Mercury Business Awards 2020

Here is the moment Julie Mair our Registered Care Manager received the award

Julie has very much been at the helm of our ship throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and has steered us through treacherous waters and many hours of hard work.

This is another accolade to the dedication and adaptability of the Evergreen Care Trust. Responding responsibly to tasks, issues and emergencies that come to the for, and that land at the doorstep of the Trust, for us to help, respond and assist wherever we can.

The award reflects the wonderful personnel we have on board. Our office staff, our field staff who are out day in and day out caring for our members and a reflection of the hours of voluntary help and care given by our volunteers.

Thank you to all who are involved in the Trust

and all the work you do

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