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Zero Tolerance of Unsupported Discharge Home from Hospital

The Trust is liaising and negotiating with local hospitals assistance with discharge home from hospital for vulnerable patients without family or carer support.  Do you need or know of someone who may need support home from hospital in the Stamford/Bourne area, if so click here.

Adults Accessing their own Money Safely when Reliant on a Trusted Third Person

The Trust is in negotiations with the British Banking Association and High Street Banks to raise awareness of the dilemma adults face when physically unable to access the bank, ATM or cashback facilities. 

Those who rely on another to access money on their behalf by giving them their bank card and PIN number are extremely vulnerable and for growing numbers there is no option.  We seek to find a safe and workable solution to this dilemma.

Is this an issue you have ever faced?  If so we would like to hear from you, please contact us.

Anniversary Campaign

Evergreen is 10 years old this year and we are delighted to have established meaningful support and services for adults experiencing periods of vulnerability in their lives.  In order to maintain our free to user projects and services we have launched our Anniversary Campaign to raise £10,000.  For more information click here.