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The Evergreen Care Trust Vision


The Evergreen vision is an ambitious one and it needs to be! The challenge of the next 50 years, with Britain’s ageing population, demands that local churches and communities work together to establish grass roots support services that can be built upon by future generations.

The vision for the future includes:

Independent Care Register – recognising the need to establish a well-trained, well-supported front line care force, the Trust is committed to the recruitment, training and support of Personal Care Assistants for the purpose of providing highest quality, appropriate domiciliary personal care provision.  The Trust would create a register of self-employed Personal Care Assistants who have achieved a standard of competency in all aspects of personal care in the home.  Further to this, Personal Care Assistants would be supported in areas that would include employment law, book-keeping and health and safety.  The public would have online access to the register.

Home Nursing Service would be an extension of the Personal Care Assistant providing domiciliary personal care, in the home, by trained carers.  The model of service delivery would be entirely different from what is currently on offer, the piecemeal task allocation model.  Our proposed model would involve team working and provision of a seven-day a week service with teams working on a shift basis.

Your Gateway – A ‘one stop’ location for information, advice, referral, sign-posting, health assessment and support, covering a wide range of ‘life matters’ from ‘cradle to grave’.  A multi-agency community based facility, leading the way in health education, promotion and inter-agency working.  The facility would house social gathering and Service spaces for local people and a wide range of organisations providing care and support across the locality.

Cottage Accommodation – Properties given in trust or purpose built satellite bungalow cottage accommodation to provide suitable, small group housing.  Members of the household would share their lives with each other, supporting and caring for each other according to their ability.  The residents would be supported by local church, community and health and social care agencies equipped and trained to do this.

Replication of the Model - What has become evident in the years that the Trust has been operating is that there is need for this model to operate in other parts of the county and country.  It is our purpose to share our experience, policies and procedures, the framework for this model, with any like-minded community prepared to work together to establish these services in their area.  To this end it is our hope to support, train and equip any interested communities.