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Keeping Warm This Winter

27th November 2017

Did you know… Ways to Keep Warm in Winter

Follow these simple suggestions from Evergreen CEO Louise Marsh to help you can stay healthy, comfortable and happy this winter.
Our bodies respond differently to the cold as we get older and this can leave us a little more susceptible to health problems, so it is essential to ensure that we keep ourselves warm, be prepared as the weather cools, with an extra cardigan or layer of outer wear. Hands, neck, head and kidneys should always be kept covered and warm.

Other ways of ensuring maximum health in the winter months is to make sure that we avail ourselves of the flu jab. Flu can be a serious illness for some, particularly if we are very young, pregnant, or recovering from a period of illness or hospitalisation. We should consider flu vaccination, if not sure, we can always ring our local GP surgery. The Reception staff are brilliant at offering helpful advice on these matters.
The Flu vaccine is free to anyone over the age of 65 (as well as others in ‘at risk' groups)

Tips for keeping our homes warm
- Fit thermal linings to our curtains — this will help to keep the heat in.
- Keep the bedroom window closed at night or just ajar! The coldest time of   the day is just before dawn and breathing in cold air just might trigger a chest complaint.
- We should ensure however, that we allow fresh air into our homes at least
once a day, just for a few minutes, to allow stale and ‘too warm’ air a chance
to escape and refresh the air we breathe in the home.
- It is important to keep the home warm and save energy by draught-proofing doors and windows, have our loft insulated, ensure the hot-water tank and pipes are lagged, and consider getting cavity-wall insulation. These measures can really reduce our energy bills!
- If you need help and advice for any of this and (You may be able to get
financial help to pay for these) Our Advocacy team are more than happy to
- We could ask our energy supplier about their Priority Services Register, which gives older or disabled people extra help and support.
- We should all make sure that we check our smoke alarm and/or carbon
monoxide alarms regularly and are working. If we can’t remember the last
time we changed the batteries, replace them with new ones. Be aware that
some alarm systems are connected directly to the electricity supply and may not need batteries!

Keeping ourselves warm
- When we are sitting down, a woollen shawl or fleece blanket over the
shoulders or knees will provide a lot of warmth. Cosy socks and slippers are a must when we are indoors.
- Wear warm clothes in bed. When it’s very cold, we can wear thermal
underwear, bed socks and even a hat!
- Use a hot-water bottle, microwavable wheat bag or an electric blanket to
warm the bed. (Never use a hot-water bottle and an electric blanket
- Age UK recommends that we keep our main living areas heated to 70°F
(21°C) and our bedroom temperature at 64°F (18°C).

Keep happy
It’s not unusual for any of us to feel a little down in winter – particularly when the days are short and it’s dark by 3.30pm. It can help to plan activities that we enjoy doing every day, perhaps watching a TV programme with a friend or neighbour, invite them for a cuppa, or do the crossword together or re visit the old board games. Plan a good day wherever you can with others.
If you find you’ve been feeling down for several weeks and it’s stopping you going out, talk to someone about it – perhaps a friend or your GP.
No one should feel lonely. If you do, why not contact Evergreen to arrange to have a Befriender who could visit you once a week. Why not ask also about our Friendship Lunch Club and Hand & Nail scheme — a hand massage and
manicure could be just the thing to cheer you up — ladies and gents enjoy it!

You can download these tips in PDF file format here

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