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Grown your own Evergreen

Grow Your Own Evergreen

The Evergreen Care Trust is a faith-based registered charity operating since May 2005, which provides volunteer and paid for services for adults experiencing periods of vulnerability in their lives within the Church and the wider local community.   We believe that the Church has a central role in addressing the challenge of our ageing society and only by working together can we accomplish this.  It has been our experience that the unified Church on the ground is more effective, influential and has greater resources at its disposal.  The Church must be utterly committed, not only to working in partnership across the denominations, but also, without compromising core values, all other agencies (statutory, private and voluntary) serving the same client group.

At this current time of general disillusionment, with funding and service cuts and the growing fear and despair amongst those growing older and their families, the Church must not miss the opportunity to lead and bless their communities.  The Evergreen Care Trust is keen to share what we have learned in partnership working and establishing appropriate services for adults experiencing periods of vulnerability in their lives. 

The Evergreen model operates in the realm of faith and in confidence that God will lead, guide and provide all that is needed for this vital work.

Evergreen has created operational and administrative handbooks for all of its projects and services.  These, together with training packages and ongoing support, form the Evergreen Licence which is available to interested Church-led communities.

If you have recognised local need and ‘caught the vision’ of God’s Church being a solution in our nation in this most challenging season, then please do not hesitate to contact us.  We are eager to share what God has taught us in our journey so far and help other Church communities to establish similar services and support in their area. 

For more information about growing Evergreen in your area please email >