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Evergreen Care Trust Structure

Evergreen Care Structure

The Evergreen Care structure is built to reflect the core value of service and serving and excellence without excess.

Organisational Structure

Click here to download our Organisational Structure as of January 2017 >

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Gift Grant

The Evergreen Care Trust has written into its constitution its purpose and intention to make financial grants to support the work and projects of other local charities, groups and service provisions that endeavour to meet the needs of the same client group: adults experiencing periods of vulnerability in their lives, within our local area.

The Evergreen Care Trust has, since its humble beginnings, reserved a 10% sum of its gross income for the purpose of gifting grants to allied charities and projects operating in our locality.

Those who support the work of the Evergreen Care Trust can be assured that every penny donated to the work of the Trust is used for the sole purpose of supporting adults experiencing periods of vulnerability in their lives within our community.  This is accomplished both directly through our own projects and services and indirectly, as we partner with other agencies providing support and care for the same client group.  Whilst this is a unique practice, it serves to strengthen and nurture good working relationships with all those who serve the care network in our local area and this hugely benefits our client group that are at the centre of all that we do.

Clive Dixon Respite Fund

This fund was set up in memory of the late Reverend Clive Dixon (1958-2008) who laboured tirelessly in the parish and beyond as part of his ministry in Stamford.  One aspect of his work was the support of his older and vulnerable neighbours.  His compassion and commitment to their needs made him a much loved and valued champion for Evergreen causes.  He was a leader by example and was many times discovered helping and caring for some of our most vulnerable clients quietly, behind the scenes.

Following his untimely death, this fund was established with money given in Clive’s memory.

The fund provides money for treats, trips out and respite care for those for whom these benefits would be financially prohibitive.  The fund is administered by his widow Mrs Pam Dixon and should be applied to in the absence of any other funding opportunities or financial support.  Each application will be considered on its own merits.

For further information on criteria and how to make application or to fundraise please contact us.